The Art of Speaking

Speaking is a great way of showing your social and persuasive skills. These skills are required whenever you are working with people.  It doesn’t matter if you are delivering a presentation to your co-workers or speaking in public to a crowd. You have to be and look confident. It may seem like no work at all, but that is false. Even if someone is a natural speaker, there are many helpful tips on doing even better. Presenting to others requires detailed preparation. People don’t just say what comes to their mind first. Presentation training can help.


Every successful aspect of life begins with planning, it is the same with speaking or presenting. You have to know the topic, your goals and key parts. If you are prepared, you will less likely get surprised or confused by unexpected questions. Not only that, you will be in control of the situation.

When you are in control, it makes you seem organized and confident. You know all the information and how to use them. People trust others who seem in control, their words are believable.  After all, the goal is to make an impact with the use of words, to affect others with them. That comes with planning and being prepared. Being spontaneous is not wrong, but a speech can’t be completely improvised. By only improvising, you can never know the outcome. It can go well, but it can also end very badly.


No matter how talented of a speaker someone is, they still need to work on themselves and practice key points. Confidence plays a big role, it is a must, but there is much more. For the ones that lack self-confidence, but want to inspire others and speak up their mind, there are ways to improve.


Talent is only 10 % of the work. There is a bright future for anyone who believes in hard work and persistence. With those two combined, sky is the limit. The point is, no matter if you are a natural speaker or not, practice and don’t quit, especially if you want to motivate others with your speeches and stories.