Motivational Speakers

There are many people who commit to inspire and motivate others. None of them had it easy, they all experienced hardships in life. What makes them stand out is their will and ambition. They didn’t stop, they kept on fighting for themselves. At some point in their life, they made it, they succeeded. In order to share their stories and hope, they speak in public and try to inspire others to do the same – never give up. As before mentioned, there are a lot of motivational speakers, but some stand out.

Nick Vujicic

If you never heard of this amazing man, you have to search him up. It is impossible not to get motivated while listening to his story and his battle. He was born with no arms as well as no legs, so his life was a struggle from the beginning. He didn’t have it all together back then, he even tried to commit suicide.

Nick Vujicic

Now, he is a completely different man. Nick realized there was no point in pitting himself. He can either try to live a happy life or not do anything at all. As you can guess, he picked the first option and nailed it. Now he has a family of his own, and he is dedicated to spreading happiness and positivity.

Eric Thomas

Who is he? Let’s start from who he was. Eric dropped out of high school, and he was a homeless man. That is definitely not a good start, but it doesn’t matter, as long as it doesn’t last. He gave his best not to live a life like that and he did it. Eric has become a true, passionate speaker who can inspire everyone to dream big.


What makes him interesting and real is his honesty. You won’t hear fairy tales from him, but you will hear all you need to know. Success and change don’t happen overnight, you have to work for them. If you do, if you give a hundred per cent, it will come to you.

Les Brown

This is a man who emphasizes the importance of self-confidence. Never stop believing in yourself, no matter what anyone tells you. When he was in grade school, they declared him “mentally retarded”. He was labelled from such a young age, so he felt injustice on his own skin.


Because of that, he can understand others and their struggles. Les Brown doesn’t only understand, but he helps. No one has the right to tell you who you are like you don’t have a say in it. Show everyone what you are capable of, don’t let anyone’s words stop you. If you listen to his stories and speeches, you may hear something like that. He didn’t stop, he continued until he succeeded.